Drogon Quadcopter Update : Manual Control

As part of the development process for Drogon, I wanted the first attempt at flight to be under full manual control. I did not expect to be able to fly, I wanted to see what happened. At the very least I hoped to validate things like the motors providing enough lift and to collect sensor data to help build the stabilization algorithms.

During the manual control testing I am only working from the Arduino. The Raspberry Pi is only acting as a logger, reading the stream of sensor and control data from the Ardruino over the serial connection. The Raspberry Pi won’t really be used until I get further along with the stabilization, control, and management software.

The first set of tests were tethered to a wood pallet. The pallet is large and heavy enough to give the quadcopter a safe and restricted environment to test flight controls. In my first attempt, the tether lines were too long so it ended up just tipping over and the propellers slammed into the pallet. Fortunately it came away with no real damage.

Here’s a picture:


And here’s a short video clip:

The next tethered test was more successful. I shortened the tether lines and was able to gain lift off the ground and even verify the manual direction controls worked.

Now that the controls were validated with tethered testing, I moved on to outdoor un-tethered flight testing. As expected, full manual control did not achieve flight. Just a lot of tipping over. Below is a shorter clip from the test session.

Next steps are to begin work on the stabilization algorithm. I expect that to be a gradual process as I build out, tweak, redesign, tweak some more, and optimize the code and algorithm constants. As it stands at the time of this post I have made some progress on the stabilization algorithm and even made a few test flight attemps. I hope to write up a post on it soon. Check out my YouTube playlist with all of the test videos:


Check out the GitHub project for the work in progress



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