Time Warner doesn’t really suck that much

This is a followup to my last post, Time Waner SUCKS!. I guess they don’t suck that much. I’m not sure why, but they turned back on many of the ports that were open last week. This is great news, but this whole thing made me realize that they aren’t really that reliable. Even though I can continue to run all the stuff I was before, I don’t think I really will, considering the availability and throughput.

So talking with Josh we’re going to keep berkshirelug.org at loki.ws. I’m going to keep joemonti.org at GoDaddy, with a development version on my home server. And erinandjoeswedding.com is going to live on my home server. Also, my MythTV box is going to be able to be useful again from the outside world. As for mail, I’m going to continue to keep it all forwarded through Gmail, its just easier that way.


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