OH006 – Free Software

Office Hours with Joe
Office Hours with Joe
OH006 - Free Software

FLOSS — what is free software focus on freedom and rights of end users

richard stallman — gnu -> linux -> today

difference between open source and free software

free as in beer vs free as in freedom matter of ethics vs matter of practicality


copyleft (gpl, creative commons, mozilla) —
permissive (bsd, apache) — does not require modifications to use same license

4 freedoms of free software

Freedom 0 — the freedom to use the work
Freedom 1 — the freedom to study the work
Freedom 2 — the freedom to copy and share the work with others
Freedom 3 — the freedom to modify the work, and distribute modified versions

how to pick a license

how to apply a license to your own software, say shared on gitub

copyright header on each file
LICENSE file in project root

free software communities — how to contribute to free software

10 ways to contribute
1. just use it
2. donations
3. reporting ugs
4. helping manage bugs
5. documentation, translation
6. helping others
7. fixing bugs
8. adding features
9. committer
10. start your own project


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