GarageKeypad is an Arduino-controlled garage door opener. It uses a numeric keypad to enter a secret code, opening when the correct secret code is entered. Also allows you to change the password.

This project is about a year old; it’s been sitting around for a while. So far I just have the code and a working prototype (sans garage door, currently just blinking an LED when it is unlocked). I am just starting to document it online and will be posting more details soon. So stay tuned!

Download source code on GitHub


  • Arduino Duemilanove (Uno or any Arduino with enough IO should work)
  • Keypad, 12-key matrix output
  • Pin Headers
  • LEDs
  • Resistors for LEDs and Keypad
  • Relay (to interface with existing garage door button)
  • Wire
  • Project Box (not yet selected)


Coming Soon!

Here’s a shot of my prototype:


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